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When building a new computer, or just replacing an older one, you might have to know about specific hardware within the computer. Understanding your computer and the components of its hardware may come in really handy when it comes time to update or replace any parts, or when building your own computer. Once you understand those components at a basic level, it will likely not be too long before you are fixing or building computers on your own.

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These computer components are what keep any machine running and impact the way it performs. Other computing components, like USB ports, power supplies, transistors, and chips, are also types of in-house equipment. There are different hardware components attached to a CPU, or central processing unit, which is also called a computers brain.

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The CPU is located within a Computer Case, in a Motherboard. The motherboard is the mainboard, which is screwed directly into the computer case. It is the thin slab holding the CPU, memory, hard disk and optical drive connectors, expansion cards for controlling video and audio, and connections to the ports of your computer (such as USB ports).

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A computers case provides mechanical support and protection to the internal elements, such as the motherboard, disk drives, and the power supply, and controls and directs the airflow over internal components. The computer case houses the motherboard, fixed or removable disk drives used for data storage, the power supply, and can house other peripheral devices, such as modems or network interfaces.
Computer hardware includes the physical parts of the computer, such as a case, the central processing unit (CPU), the display, mouse, keyboard, data storage for the computer, graphics cards, sound cards, speakers, and motherboard. Computer hardware refers to a computers systems, particularly the parts which are a part of a central processing unit. Computer hardware covers anything that has a circuit board and operates inside of a PC or laptop; including a motherboard, graphics cards, processors (Central Processing Units), ventilation fans, webcams, power supplies, etc.
The power supply is where the power comes into your system from the outside power supply, then is allocated to individual components of your hardware by the motherboard. Your power supply is just like its name implies, this is the part of the computer that supplies all your components with power, it converts the power coming from the wall socket to power that is used by your computer. A solid power supply is the most critical piece in the building of a PC, since it is responsible for providing power for the operation of all and every other component of the computer.

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The motherboard acts like a brain; allocating power to the places where it is needed, communicating and coordinating between all of the other components — making the motherboard one of the most critical pieces of hardware in a PC. The motherboard is connected, directly or indirectly, to every component of a computer.
A very important part is the PCB, which will connect every other component in your computers hardware. The Motherboard of your PC is a component that also will determine which inputs and outputs you will have in your PC.
External hardware components, also called peripherals, are the items often connected to the PC from outside, in order to manage either the inputs or the outputs functions. Generally, internal hardware components are those that are required to make a computer work properly, whereas external hardware components are attached to a computer to add or improve functionality. Computer hardware may be classified as being internal or external components.

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Of course, most computers have their own unique designs — and various brands of hardware installed — but these basic components are the same for all computers. Some common pieces of hardware that you will see, such as the mouse, keyboard, monitor, and processor, are core components to computers. Your computers CPU Your computer is a lot like your brain, it is the part of your computer that gives out all of the basic instructions to all the other components in your computer.
Overall, you should take away this insight into how your computers CPU is going to be the part of your computer that is going to be telling all your other components what to do, and will be the one that will be determining just how quickly your computer is going to perform your tasks. The CPU is one of the major components that will affect your computers performance, typically, a strong CPU will allow the computer to complete tasks more quickly, as well as being able to handle more intensive tasks on your computer. Almost anything that you will be doing on a computer is going to need some sort of computation from your CPU, therefore having a faster CPU (higher frequency clocks and higher number of cores) will speed up your PC.

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While the computer only works as well as both hardware and software working together, a systems speed is going to primarily depend on what hardware is used. A computing device can only work effectively and produce useful outputs when both the hardware and the software are working together properly.
Without the hardware, the software essential to making computers useful cannot be executed. A computer system is not complete without also having software, which is not the same thing as hardware.
The most basic hardware components are a motherboard, processor, RAM memory, an operating system, a power supply, video display controller, bus, and a hard disk drive. The most essential hardware components are Motherboard which holds all important components of the computer including the CPU, Memory and different connectors for input/output devices. Motherboard is the card that has the built-in circuitry which links other parts of a computer including CPU, RAM, drive (CD, DVD, Hard drive, or whatever) as well as any peripherals connected through ports or an expansion slot.

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